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    1. About us
      Hangzhou Meibao Furnace Engineering Co., Ltd/Zhejiang Meibao Industrial Technology Co.,Ltd,is located in the famous tourist city---Hangzhou. We have nearly 120 professional employees who major in R&D, designing, manufacturing, installation, project management, etc. We have two production bases: Fuyang and Deqing(under construction). Total floor area is 80,000 square meters. After ten years’ development, our company has developed into a technology-oriented professional company which specializes in developing and researching, designing, manufacturing, erecting and commissioning for equipments and process of hot air furnace, daily chemical production line, drying production line, purification and dust removal system for workshop environment. Our company, honored as a "National Hi-tech Enterprise ", is the member of CCIA Professional Committee of Technical Equipment and possesses the license of import-export. We possess perfect R&D system, quality management system and professional constructing team. The company has gotten the certificate of the international quality management system of ISO9001. Many of our technologies and equipments have already obtained national invention patent and utility model patent.



                          Main products for hot air furnace side: Direct hot air furnace, indirect hot air furnace, Biomass-fired hot air furnace, gas/oil hot air furnace, burner. Our furnace has already widely used in chemical, feedstuffs, fertilizers, additives, building materials, medicine, food and other industries. Company can undertake the design, production, installation and service of hot air furnace which single capacity is 20-30 million kcal/h.


                      In the side of complete production line: Provide Daily chemical production line, drying production line, give complete design and equipment supply to purification and dust removal system for workshop environment, provide the successful design of washing powder, liquid detergent, wet sodium silicate, solid sodium silicate, quartz sand drying, DCP drying, desulfurized gypsum drying and the other complete production line to domestic and foreign companies. Based on the requirement from users, Meibao Company can provide planning and designing for whole set of detergent powder production line that output capacity of base powder ranges 5000-250000tons per year. So do the liquid. According to user needs, provide process configuration from simple manual operation to central computer centralized automatic control; also undertake technical consultation and engineering service of reconstructing old line.

      The honest, credible and ambitious “Meibao people”, following the principle of the company:”deferring to nature, rational utilization, sustainable development and benefiting society”, are always ready to supply the advanced technology, first–class products and perfect service to customers both at home and abroad. We insist that when we give customer more benefit and assurance, we also contribute to the sustainable development in china and improvement of human life.



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